Internship Opportunities

Read what interns have said about their experiences in their own word.

Holographic Studios welcomes students interested in doing an Internship. As an intern you’ll work closely with industry experts in areas ranging from science and technology, to art, design, display building, marketing, and public relations. We have worked with High School and College students and programs.

We believe that the goal of an internship is not so much to learn how to make holograms as it is to learn how to be better at whatever you do. Holography is used as a metaphor to help you look at the world from a new perspective. We teach you how to solve problems when there is no road map to guide you. Our goal is to help you to reach your potentials while having fun.

Activities of an internship:

Everything here is hands on, so you get a real opportunity to learn as you work.  Its a very casual atmosphere.  Interns get to work in the laser labs as we create and copy holograms. In addition, depending on the project we are doing at the time, the intern gets a chance to sample what it is like to work in a gallery, assist in running a tour, teach classes, fabricate displays, create sculptural and/or computer generated art, work in cinematography, and learn the behind the scenes workings of running a business in New York City.  Interns are encouraged to make a hologram or other laser art of their own as part of their work here. Some have chosen to make video documentaries, photographic exhibitions, and computer presentations, as well as holograms.


Many of those who have interned here have gone on to find success in their chosen fields. Here are a few notable former interns:

  • Intern Jason Corsaro went on to be a celebrated Grammy Award winning recording engineer and producer. He engineered Madonna’s Like a Virgin album, Queen’s We will Rock You/We are the Champions, and did the remix on David Bowie’s Modern Love album, among many others.
  • Intern John Gaeta went on to win the Academy Award in 2000 for Visual Effects for his work on The Matrix.
  • Intern Sonnie Brown went on to star in a leading role at the Lincoln Center Theater in the production of Far East.
  • Intern Vince Gilligan went on to be Co-Producer and writer on The X-Files. He co-wrote the Will Smith film Hancock. Vince is best known as the creator of Emmy Award winning Breaking Bad on AMC.

Of course, being an intern at Holographic Studios in itself won’t propel anyone onto fame and fortune, but it doesn’t seem to hurt. And its a lot of fun!

To apply for an internship:

Many schools give academic credits for this internship. It is a unique and fascinating opportunity. This internship is not a paid position. For more information or to apply for an internship contact Dr. Laser with the word “Internship” in the Subject box. Be sure to fill out our internship application, and paste it into the email.