Portrait Holograms

Portrait Holography

Warholes2“Warholes” by Jason Arthur Sapan, on display in the first Biennial at the Museum of Arts and Design, NYC.

Holographic Studios is one of the world’s only producers of Integral moving image holographic portraits. These holograms show full continuous motion images in a spetrum of color and are rear lit. Our portrait program is open to the public. Starting at $3,500 we can produce your custom made hologram portrait. Sittings can take as little as half an hour, but we frequently go longer to achieve something special. Your finished hologram is ready in approximately four to six weeks. We can accommodate rush hologram projects and shoot at remote locations for an additional fee. Appointments are required.

Isaac Asimov” by Jason Arthur Sapan. click to enlarge and see motion

Among the more notable people who have sat for our holographic portraits are:

  • Andy Warhol – artist

  • Pierre Cardin – clothing designer

  • Bill Clinton – US President

  • Edward Heath – UK Prime Minister

  • John Kenneth Galbraith – economist and US Ambassador to India

  • Ed Koch – three term Mayor of New York City

  • John Cage – Avant Garde composer

  • Isaac Asimov – Science fiction / science fact author

  • Phil Donahue – talk show celebrity

  • Sally Jessy Raphael – talk show celebrity

  • Oksana Baiul – Olympic Gold medalist – ice skating

  • Tommy Moe – Olympic Gold medalist – downhill skiing

  • Johann Olav Koss – Olympic Gold medalist – speed skating on ice

  • Billy Idol – rock musician

  • The Smothers Brothers – comedians/musicians

  • PhyllisDiller – comedian

Jason Arthur Sapan’s holograms have been exhibited around the world.