Laser Effects

Laser Effects

At Holographic Studios we also use our lasers as an artform all on their own. These are some of the images we have created with our lasers. Click on any one to enlarge it. Top left is our laser business card that we use with photographic clients looking to use laser as a special effect. The man in shadow in the far right image in the second row with the title “Matter and Energy” is our founder, Jason Sapan. The bottom right image is of an outdoor live laser light show we performed at the Dessert Springs Marriot in Palm Dessert, California for a gathering of the world’s stock markets.


Our laser effects have been used in film, print, television, live shows, and music videos. Contact us for more information.


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fiber-optic-hand                                                                                                 matter-and-energy

science-and-mechanics                                                                                                experiments-in-physics     

canon                                                                               art-direction



twilight – “Twilight” – Aris


guarco“Que Paso” – Guarco


Sparks Hopkins “It’s Not Me Talking” – A Flock of Seagulls