Integral Holography

Integral Holography

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Holographic Studios is one of the only holography labs in the world specializing in true full motion image Integral Holography. These holograms are sometimes referred to as stereograms or multiplex holograms.  It is a two step process. Images can be created on 16mm or 35mm motion picture film, video, or a series of computer generated files and then transferred with a laser to hologram film. Integral Holograms can be displayed flat, curved, or as a cylinder viewable from 360 degrees. Displaying the hologram on a curved or cylindrical surface makes the hologram viewable to a larger audience than normal.

Integral Holograms can be created from:

  • living people in motion

  • moving machine parts

  • chemical or biological models stationary or in motion

  • stop motion animation

  • video

  • computer generated imagery

  • special effects such as morphs, dissolves, zooms, etc.

We can produce both the master hologram and scanned copy holograms right here in our laboratories. Because Integral Holograms are made in a two step process, we can shoot the original film wherever you want. There are no size or motion limitations! We can blow up or shrink the image to whatever size is necessary! Although we prefer to do our original cinematography here at our studios, many of our projects have been filmed on site at remote locations.

Over the decades we have created Integral Holograms for corporate clients including DuPont, Hasbro, The Philadelphia Stock Market, Comet Systems, G.D.Searle, Squibb, TDK, Celanese, Certainteed, American Enka, Talon, ICI, Shaw/Walker, Remy Martin, Hyatt, Lord & Taylor, and the U.S. Army.

You can rent our Integral Holograms for special events!
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