With over four decades of highly skilled work in holography, we know this medium and have seen the field evolve since its earliest days.  Accordingly, our experts are able to advise you on a wide range of issues.  Holographic Studios is ready to assist and evaluate your needs in a professional and comprehensive manner.  We help our clients meet their individual goals which can vary over a number of specialized areas.  Our unique expertise in this field has given us the tools to understand and analyze how best to  serve you.


Holographic Studios provides professional holographic consulting services including:

  • technology assessments

  • special effects for film and video

  • lab and darkroom set up

  • expert testimony

  • education

  • historic overviews

  • vibration analysis

We help researchers solve problems, businesses research and check technology issues, people build their laboratories, attorneys with expert testimony, motion picture studios create holographic or laser special effects, and inventors in exploring potential concepts.


Our services can be retained by the day or the hour. Our day rate is $3,000 for an eight hour day. The hourly rate is $375 with a minimum of three hours.