Computer Generated Holography

Computer Generated Holographic Images

Holographic Studios can transfer your 3D computer generated images into actual three dimensional holography displays. Imagine seeing your 3D images in true holographic 3D!

There are several different types of holograms we can create from computer data. Depending on the way you plan on using the hologram we can suggest the type of hologram best suited for your needs.


For an Integral Hologram we use a series of images of an object either rotating or being moved laterally along the horizontal axis. We prefer to work from .gif or .jpg on a flash drive, CD, or DVD, but if necessary we can adapt to your format or arrange an ftp transfer of your files. Each two dimensional image is shot as a sequential hologram strip on our Integral Holographic Printer that combines these images into a single three dimensional hologram capable of motion. these holograms are rear lit and have a spectral color like a credit card. We can produce these in flat or cylindrical format.

For a Reflection Hologram we can use .obj files from programs like Maya, 3ds Max, SketchUp, etc. Unlike the Integral Hologram, this format is front lit and can be tiled into a larger composite image, but cannot be made as a cylinder. The image can either be monochromatic or in color.

Among our computer generated holography clients are NYU Medical Center, Mitsubishi, The American Museum of Natural History, Michigan State University and Allied.

Contact us for details on the hologram transfer process.