Integral Holograms

by Jason Sapan


These are sometimes called stereogram holograms, multiplex holograms, or hologram movies.


Integral holograms are made in a two stage process. The original image can be a live person, an inanimate object like a sculpture, or a computer generated image on a monitor. This is filmed with a motion picture camera. The resulting film is then transferred in the laser laboratory onto holographic film. Most of the images are holographic movies or simply show some rotation. The film is transparent and measures 10 inches high. They are rear lit from below by a clear incandescent bulb. All are available as film only or mounted in a display with built in light source. Displays can be purchased separately.Each of these holograms are custom made when you order them. This is not mass produced. Accordingly we do not accept returns on them without your first obtaining written permission from the artist.

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The following images are available as 60 degree Integrals only:
60 degree film: 10 x 8 inches, film only – $245.00, Acrylic lighted display unit – $195.00
  • M1 – Earth2EARTH & CLOUDSglobe with second color layer of clouds floating in the atmosphere
  • M2 – Isaac AsimovISAAC ASIMOVThe science fiction author sat for this portrait in 1985. His only hologram.
  • M3 – PepsiSchweppesSODA MORPHbottle of Pepsi changes into bottle of Schweppes
  • M4 – Lee Harvey OswaldLEE HARVEY OSWALDJack Ruby shoots Oswald in Dallas
  • M5 – Marilyn1MARILYNhead to waist, spaghetti straps, blows kiss
  • M6 – Marilyn2MARILYN2head shot
  • M7 – Marilyn3MARILYN 3head to waist towel held against chest
  • M8 – Makeup mirrorMAKEUP MIRRORwoman puts on lipstick & kisses, her face is seen in a hand mirror
  • M9 – Tiger LadyTIGER LADY woman reclining in tropical setting
  • M10 – DancersEMBRACE man and woman in body suits head to toe embrace
  • M11 – FlirtFLIRThead to waist, nude woman holds hands across chest
  • M12 – JeanieJEANNIEnude lying on stomach leaning up on elbows, knees bent up with high heels crossed at ankles
  • M21 – Spine2SPINE anatomical model of a human spine

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The following images are available as either 60 or 120 degree integrals:
120 degree holograms: 10 x 16 inches, film only – $495.00, Acrylic lighted display unit – $275.00
  • M13 – BaseballBASEBALLwoman gives man kiss on cheek, both in team uniforms
  • M14 – ParanoidPARANOIDHead shot, haunting eyes follow you
  • M15 – OfficeTHE OFFICEexecutive man and woman in office setting
  • M16 – SantaSANTAhead to waist waves hand

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The following images are available as 360, 240, 120, or 60 degree Integrals:
240 degree hologram: 10 x 30 inches, film only – $745.00, Acrylic lighted display unit – $450.00

360 degree hologram: 10 x 50 inches, 16 inches in diameter, film only – $1995.00, Clear Acrylic cylinder – $395.00, Rotating lighted metal display unit – $775.00
  • M17 – Earth1EARTH globe
  • M18 – DNADNAdouble helix molecule of life
  • M19 – Stock MarketSTOCK MARKETbrokers actively trading stocks on the floor of the market

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Mini 360 degree Integral, This is 10″high by 6″diameter.
Mini 360 hologram: 10 x 19 inches, 6 inches in diameter, film only – $495.00, Rotating display unit – $450.00
  • M20 – HulaHULA GIRLyoung Hawaiian woman in flower lei dances the Hula.
  • M21 – Spine1SPINEanatomical model of the human spine.

See the other types of holograms in our catalog:

  • Embossed holograms Embossed Holograms – Holograms on aluminized mylar with a
    pressure sensitive adhesive backing.
  • Reflection holograms Reflection Holograms – Very bright one color holograms.

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