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    An Intro to Holography Class makes a great gift!


a hologram made in this class

Learn the basic concepts of holography in a fun and interesting manner. This hands on class focuses on understanding and not memorization. You actually make a single beam reflection hologram of your own in our midtown Manhattan subterranean laser laboratory. When its all done, you get to take it home to show to your friends and family. This is a hologram that can been seen in normal light, so you won’t need any special equipment to view it. Our staff has had over forty years of experience in teaching holography. This two hour class is for both adults and kids. Its a one of a kind experience that you’ll never forget. Many students who have taken this class have gone on to win science fairs or get high honors in school projects on holography. Others have taken the class with an interest in pursuing holography as art or as a hobby.
There’s nothing to print out but you MUST contact us by email or phone to schedule the class date and time so we can confirm it.
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