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    Holography Workshops makes a great gift!
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Intensive Workshops – $950/day. Average class time – Six Hours.*

Our workshops are designed for those who are here for only a limited time and want to cover as much as possible of the basics to take home. We discuss how to make the major types of holograms with lectures and diagrams. Each day we get to cover several types of holograms based on your interests. A minimum number or no holograms are made depending upon available time constraints as well as the areas you decide you want to cover, although we do spend time in the laser lab and darkroom. The decision will be mutually agreed upon once you are here and select what material you want to concentrate upon. On average, it takes one to two hours to set up, shoot, and process a hologram. Time spent shooting holograms will limit the time to learn about other information. Most subject areas will take at least an hour or two to cover although we can go faster if time is limited. Students are encouraged to take notes and may keep all diagrams and holograms we make in class. These classes must be reserved in advance. Reservations can be changed with a minimum of five business days notice. There is a $100 cancellation fee for Intensive Workshops for classes cancelled less than 48 hours before their scheduled time and date.

Come in and learn how to make holograms from an instructor with over four decades of teaching experience. All our classes are hands on. Our philosophy focuses on understanding rather than memorizing. Much of the time you spend here will be working in the laser laboratory, which is a magical experience. We work hard to share our passion for this amazing craft with you. Its an experience you will never forget.