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    An Advanced Holography Class makes a great gift!
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Our Advanced Classes include:

  • Interference and Vibration – How to make and use an Interferometer, why it matters and what it does.
  • Single Beam Transmission Holography (laser viewable) – making an On-Axis hologram.
  • Advanced Single Beam Holography – techniques including conical and cylindrical holograms.
  • Designing and Building a Home Holography Lab and Darkroom – learn the basics of what you need, where to put it, what to avoid, and alternatives to expensive lab equipment.
  • Choosing the Right Home Hologrpahy Lab Equipment – to achieve your individual goals.
  • Optics for Holography – learn how to tune a Spatial Filter, use different types of Beam Splitters, Polarizers, Wave Plates, and more.
  • Off-axis Reflection Holography – using two separate beams to better control your hologram.
  • Off-axis Transmission Holography (laser viewable) – this is the type of hologram you would use as a master for a second generation hologram.
  • Image plane White Light Transmission Holography – how to use a cylindrical lens to make a “rainbow” hologram. Requires first taking Off Axis Transmission Holography Class.
  • Image plane Reflection Holography
  • How to make and process Dichromate Hologram Plates
  • Custom made Classes to suit your particular interest